Is it just a dream…?

{27·July·2012}   · 054 · Two and a half months later…

     Has it really been so long? Goodness gracious. Let’s see… oh, god, I really track my events around food, don’t I?

The Long and Boring List Form of It

M A Y 2 0 1 2
- May 23-30: Bree was here.
- May 31: Hung out with Kyla for the first time! We went to TeaZone.

J U N E 2 0 1 2
- June 4: Hung out with Katy for the first time this summer; we had dinner at E-San Thai.
- June 8: Mom checked into St. Vincent’s Hospital for a minor operation. I stayed with her overnight and we left around 5pm on Saturday the 9th.
- June 14th: Lunch with Katy at Chit Chat Café, dinner with Tomás at his place – a delicious couscous salad
- June 15th: Dinner with the Extended Studies group because one of the student workers graduated and it was her last day.
- June 17th: Father’s Day. Rather than going out, since mom was still out-of-sorts from the operation, I made my parents a meal of seasoned rice, three kinds of chicken, coucous, and garlic asparagus. We stuffed ourselves silly and mom was shocked at being able to eat the chicken without being nauseous (the smell of poultry puts her off her appetite) and dad was shocked at how tender and juicy it was. Dad then ruined the moment by saying I am now officially ready to get married. -_-
- June 19th: Crêpes and rice pudding with Tabi
- June 20th: Pad thai with Kyla.
- June 21st-July 11th: House-sitting (sort of) for Tabi. She was in Minnesota and needed someone to feed/clean up after her cats and water her plants. Sophie kept throwing up and Mori kept killing plants, but Cooper warmed up to me a bit and that made it all worth it.
- June 21st: Office dinner with Extended Studies for Phyllis moving to a new department; then off to a Shakespeare improv show for Midsummer Night’s Dream
- June 25th: My glasses fell off my face. o___o A spring in the frame apparently snapped, so they literally dropped off onto my lap while I was typing at wirj.
- June 26th: Lunch with Katy again at Chit-Chat
- June 28th: Went to the optometrist to get a check-up and pick out new frames. Had dinner with mom (bibim naengmyun).
- June 29th: Went to look at noserings with Kyla (for her, not me), then got Japanese food at Sambi.
- June 30th: Explored the West Hills with Kyla and picked up a few cute new sedums!

J U L Y 2 0 1 2
- July 4th: Went to the South Jetty Dunes in Florence, OR with Kyla, Tomás, Max (T’s boyfriend) and Minami (T’s tutee). SO. COOL. We ended up not eating out and just grabbed deli grub at Safeway so it never felt like we got a proper meal in, but that’s okay. DUNES. SO COOL. I LOVE BEACHES.
- July 5th: Had chicken rollatini with Kyla and Jen and played RockBand at Kyla’s place.
- July 6th: An hour-long coffee with Mark, an hour-long lunch with Lucinda, and an evening with Jen.
- July 7th: Dinner with mom.
- July 8th: Japanese tea party with Kyla! We wore yukata and had green tea and sushi and mochi and melon pan and plum sake. We then hibernated on the tatami until Jen got home, at which point we stopped lying around like lazy, drunken whores (which we, obviously, were not) to get up. XD
- July 11th: Got my glasses.
- July 12th: Watched Hunger Games with Jen.
- July 14th: Learned to brew shikae/sikhye/however-it’s-Romanized.
- July 16th: Bahn Thai lunch with Kyla and Rockband and dinner after work.
- July 18th: Stephanike came down to picnic with Jen and take her back north with them. I then went to Kyla’s and we played RockBand. :D
- July 19th: Made curry with Kyla, then MORE ROCKBAND.
- July 20th: Leftover curry lunch with Kyla. Totally passed out after work.
- July 21st: Tabi’s birthday! Well, her birthday was the day before, but we celebrated her birthday by… um, my helping her pack for her move back to her parents’ house. Then we went to Bartini and had delicious food and drinks. (I had cheese fondue, and crab cakes with a delectable basil remoulade, and three drinks – Brazilian, which is coffee liqueur with banana creme, Peaches & Herb, which speaks for itself, and… something I can’t remember, but it had raspberry, I think) Then we went back to Tomás’s condo to watch movies.
- July 22nd: Thanks to Portland finding e-coli in one of their reservoirs, Jen and I went to Ava’s instead of TeaZone. Their food is better anyway – TeaZone is just great for drinks. Not good enough to risk e-coli, though.
- July 23rd: Had Thai lunch and Elephant’s Deli for an impromptu dinner with Kyla. We started off walking together after work because both of us were feeling “blehhhh” but ended up giggly and stupid (even without alcohol involved, thank you) but having a lot of fun.
- July 24th: Mom’s birthday. We went to Makoto for Japanese buffet with Jen and it was delectable. Nothing super fancy or anything – I mean, it’s a buffet – but it was still delectable and I’m dying to go back already for their Mongolian grill and crab legs and salmon sashimi.
- July 25th: Late for work thanks to two TriMet buses in a row deciding to not fucking show up in the morning. Had conveyer belt sushi with Kyla for lunch, then tea and red potato skins with chipotle aioli for dinner with Kyla. We intended to play frisbee but were too tired because it was also warm and muggy, especially in her apartment, so we ended up not doing so and just watching YouTube and cooking chicken with brown sugar and garlic.
- July 26th: Jen made Roasted Red Pepper & Goat Cheese Alfredo with chicken. Yummyyy. ♥ Then we spent the rest of the evening painting… well, she painted, I attempted to paint and failed pretty miserably. xD Will give it a second go tonight.
- July 27th: Lunch with Irina, Jen’s cousin’s wife… yeah, I don’t know, that’s new. o_o But it was a very nice lunch and I learned some new things about the family…

     Yep. That has pretty much been my life.

     In other news, Em and I barely talk anymore, Kitsuko had a baby (!!!) and moved to the middle of fucking nowhere, Irina knows somebody who is trying to rent out her house (it’d be subrented to two families, though – there’s a two-bedroom top floor and a three-bedroom bottom) and thinks they might have it cheap enough for us to want, the cats are fine (photo and gijinka of them!), I have not crocheted since June 9th, I’m eating too much these days but loving it, I adore my windowsill FULL of cute little plants, and I’ve been obsessing over my two Harry Potter roleplays and totally bored of Sailor Moon amidst it all.

     One could say I’m wasting my time away and being a bum because all I’m doing is hanging out with people, eating, and socializing. I’m not trying to justify the inanity of my behaviour, but as somebody who has never played well with others and saw food as a necessity rather than enjoyable and would generally get stressed out and avoidant if I hung out with someone more than once a week, I actually see my recent lifestyle as healthy progress. I’m certainly keeping busy, even if it’s with inane, unproductive stuff. I’ve also been eating more spinach and seafood and cabbage, which is a nice change from lettuce and chicken, and I freaking adore my windowsill.

     My echeveria. My haworthia (which has an ant infestation and I keep forgetting to go buy the plant-safe ant-killing spray). My sempervivums, and Christmas cactus, and a few types of sedums. My beautiful, beautiful tillandsias – my Caput medusae is growing like mad right now, and I’m so glad, since I was so distressed when her sister Caput medusae got a fungal infection and rotted away nastily.

     Yep. That is all.

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cometo1999 says:

You sound like U had a totally awesome summer! I’m really glad U have Kyla. Haha. The way you hang out w her is like the way we used to hang out in Japan :)

And the food… The food you have… Omg. I want the dishes U wrote about… -salivates-

Btw, recipe for shikae (?????), the rice drink? I really wanna make it. Unless it is family secret. I wanna try to make it for a Korean colleague before I leave my office. Hehe.

Yk and I send our regards to your mom. Hope she is recuperating well…

awickedmemory says:

Similar but different. :D You and I went out more and saw things~ for Kyla and me, going out is what we do when the weather is nice and we’re stir-crazy, and we mostly stay in. ^_^ I’m having a lot of fun with her… but I miss exploring every weekend, and I miss you. ;_;

Huh what? XD Did I write about tasty-sounding dishes?? Haha, most of the food allusions were just names of places… but I can give you the recipes for chicken rollatini and shikye if you want them! :D No such thing as a family secret to us~ Shikye is a pain to make, though, I’ll warn you – takes so looong. Granted, a lot of it is “Do this and leave it alone for four hours” but still. XD I’ll e-mail it to you after writing it out and checking it with mom – it’s just in scribbly note form and arrows right now so I have to make it sensible first. ^^

Yeah, mom is doing well! She got off the pain meds because they were ruining her ability to eat so her sense of taste and nausea have gotten better. She’s still uncomfortable but that’s expected for about four months. She’s doing much better now, thank you. :) HI, YK!

April says:

Don’t feel like you have to be productive. You sound like you’re much healthier now than you were. Focus on enjoying life, and if the mood to do something lasting strikes you, do it. Otherwise, have as much fun as you can.

awickedmemory says:

Yep, that’s what I’m trying for, but it’s hard to break the mindset of “All I’m doing is dinking around wasting time…” XD

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